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Fresh Faced Friday!

Hello my lovelies!

I decided to do a little bit of a tutorial for you today, just a round up of my general, everyday make up routine, hope you enjoy it! 🙂

So, this is before the magic happens, fresh faced and ready to go! (Scary, I know :p)

So first off, you know I always start with my skincare. So to start with, I applied my Lancôme Visionnaire serum, Clarins HydraQuench cream because I think coming into the winter time, my skin gets a bit drier so I need that extra little bit of hydration, and finally Clarins Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm purely because it gives the perfect base for lipstick, especially if your wearing a colour. It’s also super moisturising, which is great if you wear a lot of matte lipsticks, like me, and your lips tend to be drier.

So now it’s onto the base. I started with the Porefessional primer from Benefit (great if you have oily/combination skin like me, and open pores as well!), just applied with my fingers on the t-zone. I then buffed Doublewear Light foundation from Estée Lauder in 03 into my skin using the Stippling Brush from E.L.F. I also applied the Benefit Bo-ing Concealor (02) using my ring finger onto any little blemishes before dusting Creme de la Mer translucent Loose Powder over my whole face.

Next, onto the Contouring & Highlighting. This is the part people seem to have most difficulty with so ill do a separate tutorial on that later 🙂 I started by dusting MUA Bronzed Perfection Bronzer onto the higher planes of the face (forehead, cheekbones, nose and chin). Then, apply the bronzer, lightly, (your not trying to look like you need to wash your face!) along the hairline, down each side of the bridge of the nose and underneath the cheekbones and sweep out wards to the hair line. Then, with highlighter, I used Watts Up! from Benefit, apply to the centre of the forehead, brow bones, cheek bones, down the centre of the nose, Cupid’s bow and chin and buff in using a foundation brush. Then, with your blusher, apply lightly to the apples of the cheeks and sweep out towards the hairline.

This should be what your aiming for:

Then it’s onto the exciting part, eyes! 🙂 I used the Urban Decay Naked Pallete to cereal an everyday smokey eye look. I started by using Sidecar from the centre of the lid outwards, and then applying Naked to the crease.

I them applied Virgin as my highlight, to the inner corner of the eye.

Finally, I used Darkhorse (this is my most used colour in the palette, I blend it with everything!), on the outer crease and lid to add some definition.

Then, I simply added black kohl liner to the top and bottom lash lines and smudged slightly with my fingers, before adding They’re Real mascara from Benefit.

You can see the before and after here too, which I think is pretty amazing, my eyes go from having no lashes at all to almost looking like falsies (in a good way!).

Next, it was onto the brows! You all know i love a strong brow and if you haven’t seen my post on how to do the perfect brows, you can find it here.., but this is what I used today.


Lastly, I added E.L.F’s Moisturising Tinted Lip Balm in Berry and we’re good to go!

This is what you should end up with!

Hope you had fun reading this guys,

Love & Lipstick,

Tammy xoxo


My Most Used Make-Up Brushes

Hi guys! 🙂

So I was cleaning my make up brushes yesterday afternoon and I thought it might be a good idea to show you all the brushes I use on a daily basis. As I’m pretty sure you all know already, your tools are one of the most important factors in getting your make up just right and I am fussy, fussy, fussy when it comes to my brushes! Most of my brushes I’ve had for around the 3 year mark and are still in pretty much perfect condition, so this just shows that looking after them pays off 🙂 I keep mine inside a leather brush roll from Illamasqua, which my other half kindly bought me for my last birthday! 🙂

So I thought I’d start by showing you my face brushes, check them out below..

Stippling Face Brush from ELF: This is one of my favourite brushes EVER! It cost me something like £3.50 and gives the most flawless finish to your make up. I use it every day to apply my foundation and if it’s looked after properly, it hardly ever needs replaced!
Foundation Brush from Illamasqua: I do love this brush, but not quite as much as my ELF one for applying foundation, I tend to use this when applying a heavier foundation, something like the Doublewear Light from Estée Lauder. It still gives a brilliant, smooth finish, however I’m not sure it’s worth the £27.50 it retails at!
#134 Face Brush from MAC: Generally, I am a MAC brush fan, but somehow this brush just doesn’t do it for me *sadface*. It does distribute product evenly, I use it for applying powder and bronzer, but the amount of casting that comes from this brush is disappointing, I usually end up having to pick the brush hairs off my face once I’m done! Any thoughts on a decent powder brush are more than encouraged 🙂
Contour Brush from Illamasqua: I love this brush, soft bristles but still firm (if that makes sense!), distributes colour evenly and the shape is ideal for getting the perfect swipe of blush! As far as I’m aware, this retails around £29-30.
Ruby & Millie: This brush is so old I’m genuinely not even sure of the name, I just remember buying it as part of a Ruby & Millie brush set and this is the only one I loved enough to keep! The small, domed head makes it an ideal size to apply a powder highlighter to the temples and cheekbones.
Finishing Fan Brush BPBE 105 from Royal and Langnickel: Royal & Langnickel have some amazing brushes. I picked up most of mine at the Professional Beauty Show in Dublin a couple of years ago for literally a couple of ££’s each and they’re some of the best I’ve ever bought. The fan brush here is great from swiping away any powder fallout from around the eyes!

Bent Eyeliner Brush from 17: This brush is super handy for getting your winged eyeliner perfect as the angle is just right to flick out at the side of your eye.
Eyeliner Brush from Illamasqua: Love this brush for using gel liner as is quite thin and the bristles are just stiff enough to hold plenty of product.
Eyebrow/Lash Brush from ELF: I always use this brush to brush my brows into shape before I use any product. The lash brush is also handy to seperate lashes before applying mascara or to separate any clumps afterwards!
Angled Brow Brush BFBE #110 from Royal and Langnickel: My favourite eyebrow brush ever! Perfect size, stiff bristles that lift plenty of powder and the hairs don’t seperate the way I’ve found with some other angled brushes.
Eye Smudger Brush BPBE #107 from Royal and Langnickel: A tiny, domed eye brush, perfect for blending in the crease, applying highlighter to the inner corners and sometimes I use it to add highlighting powder to the brow bone.
Small Eye Shadow MD BPBE #105 from Royal and Langnickel: A soft eyeshadow brush, perfect size to apply colour all over the lid or blend colour to the inner corner of the eye.
Eye Shader LG BPBE #104: Larger version of the previous brush, I think this is too soft to get a good amount of product all over the lid so I mainly just use this brush for blending the crease and outer corner.
Blending Brush from Illamasqua: Best blending brush I’ve ever used! So much so I’m tempted to go and buy another one! Love this for blending in the crease as it’s got quite a lare, domed head and the handle is quite long so It’s super easy to use.
Flat Shadow Brush from Ruby & Millie: I’ve had this brush for years and it’s still one of my all time favourites. It’s quite stiff, the hairs are almost prickly but it picks up an amazing amount of product and is perfect for pressing a high pigment colour all over the lid.

I don’t normally use lip brushes on myself, I only ever use it to apply lip colour on a job, but the one I’d always pick there is the Illamasqua lip brush.

I hope you enjoyed this guys, let me know if you’ve tried any of these or the brushes you can’t live without! 🙂
Love & Lipstick,
Tammy xoxo