Review: Real Techniques

Hello my loves! 🙂

I know I’m a bit late jumping on the beauty bandwagon here, but I’ve finally got round to treating myself to the Real Techniques brushes, designed by the gorgeous Samantha Chapman from Pixiwoo.

I have wanted to get my hands on these for ages now but, if I’m honest, I probably wouldn’t have bought them had Boots not been doing 3 for 2, purely for the reason that I am ALWAYS skint! It’s a tough life being a beauty junkie..

So, I bought the 2 what I would call ‘main’ kits from her collection, the ‘Core Collection’ face brushes and the ‘Starter Kit’ eye set. I’ve been using them for a few days now and I have to say, I can definitely see what all the fuss is about, they are brilliant!

I’ll start with the ‘Core Collection’ set because this is the one I was most excited about trying, I love new face brushes!

The kit contains a small Detailer brush, pointed Foundation brush, Buffing brush and a contour brush.

This is the small Detailer brush. I find it’s perfect for applying concealer, especially in hard to reach areas like around the nose and for touching up little blemishes.

This is the pointed Foundation brush, which I really like, however not for it’s intended use. I find it slightly too small to apply foundation all over the face so I’ve been using this to blend in my liquid highlighter.

This is the Buffing brush which is by far my favourite brush from both the collections. It’s amazing for buffing in foundation to give an absolutely flawless finish, and I’ve also found it great for contouring larger areas like the forehead and around the jawline.

The Contour brush does exactly what it says on the tin, great for this, especially to hollow out the cheekbones, however I also liked it for applying blush.

Next, onto the ‘Starter Kit’! This set is all about the eyes but I’ve managed to find a couple of other nifty ways to use them! This kit has a Base Shadow brush, Deluxe Crease brush, Accent brush, Pixel-Point Eyeliner brush and Brow brush.

The Base Shadow brush, I really like. It packs on a load of colour and spreads it evenly, perfect for applying your all-over lid shadow.

This is the Deluxe Crease brush, which I like a lot, but found it far too big for blending out the crease and I found it quite uncomfortable to use for that but I have discovered that it’s perfect for contouring in smaller areas, especially the nose!

This is the Accent brush, tiny in size and perfectly proportioned, it’s amazing for getting a super statement cut crease look.

The Eyeliner brush, I have to be honest, I haven’t actually used yet, purely because I don’t really wear Gel liners too often but if it’s as good as the rest of the sets, I’ll be happy!

This is the Brow brush, which is fantastic. There isn’t really much else to say about it to be honest, it’s a brow brush and that’s great brows is exactly what it gives you!

Please ignor my photos, I know they’re terrible, the old iPad really doesn’t make it easy for you when it comes to the camera that’s for sure! But back to the brushes, I just love them, they really are worth all the hype and they literally are a make-up artists’ dream, when it comes to cleaning, with a good brush cleaner and some cotton pads, the make up literally just slides off! Amazing!

All of the Real Techniques brushes are also made from synthetic hair and are 100% cruelty free!

You can pick these bad boys up in Boots, Superdrug and you can get them online as well 🙂

Hope you guys enjoyed this!

Love & Lipstick,

Tammy xoxo


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