Lipstick Challenge!

Hi pretties!

So I’m feeling a bit girly today so I decided to go for a pretty pink lipstick 🙂
It’s called ‘Pink Riot’ and its from Estée Lauder. It’s a gorgeous, rosy pink and my boyfriend says it makes me look like a doll when I wear it so that’s good enough for me! You can check it out below..


I love the Pure Colour range of lipsticks from Lauder because they’re so smooth and creamy and they come in so many different shades, from the palest nude to brights to the deepest plums, there’s even a grey in there somewhere! The colour is amazing and they last so well, they’re quite expensive at £22 but in my opinion they’re well worth it 🙂

What’s your lipstick of the day?

Love & Lipstick,
Tammy xoxo


About loveandlipstick92

Hi folks! My name is Tamara and the first thing you should know about me is that im a total beauty junkie! I love make up and have a ridiculous addiction to lipstick. I'm a qualified beauty therapist, make up artist and nail technician and I'm currently putting my skills to work as an artist for Benefit! View all posts by loveandlipstick92

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