The Lipstick Challenge!

Hi guys!
So, since I moved my blog to WordPress, I’ve been wanting to improve my posts and there’ve been loads of ideas flying about my head about things I want to do! So I’m going to start with the one I’ve been thinking of for the longest, reviewing a new lipstick every day for a month! 🙂
I’m sure you’ve all figured out by now that I’m a super make up junkie and lipstick is the one product I just can’t be without, everything looks better when you throw on a bit of lippie!
“Beauty is about being confident in your own skin. Either that or a kick ass red lipstick!” – Gwyneth Paltrow.
So, day 1 is a good old faithful MAC, and is one of my favourite colours EVER! It’s called ‘Up the Amp’, and comes from the amplified cremes collection (which are my personal favourites, I prefer them to the satins, mattes etc). It’s a stunning, bright electric lilac-y purple and is so much more flattering than it sounds. Check it out..


It’s pretty, right? 🙂
I absolutely love the amplified cremes, purely because I love a good old bright lip and I think these are so much more pigmented than some of the other finishes and they have an amazingly smooth, creamy texture as well as unbelievable staying power. I wore this to tenants vital festival a few weeks ago watching Kings of Leon in the pouring rain and it stayed put so I really can’t complain! 🙂
Let me know what you think of the colour and what your lipstick of the day is!
Love Tammy


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Hi folks! My name is Tamara and the first thing you should know about me is that im a total beauty junkie! I love make up and have a ridiculous addiction to lipstick. I'm a qualified beauty therapist, make up artist and nail technician and I'm currently putting my skills to work as an artist for Benefit! View all posts by loveandlipstick92

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