How to Get the Perfect Brows

Okay ladies, I’ve had quite a few people asking me how I do my eyebrows so I thought I’d do a little post and take you through my daily routine 🙂 now I’m not the only one who likes a strong, angled brow (thanks, Geordie Shore!) so ill do my best to show you how to brow map yourself at home and get the perfect brow shape.

Soo, Brow Mapping basically is used as a guide to show you what the perfect brow shape is for your face shape.

Point A (below) is where your eyebrow should start, so use a makeup brush, cotton bud stick, whatever and line it up parallel to the side of your nose and make a little mark with a brow or eyeliner pencil so you know where to start. The reason your eyebrows start here is to slim your face.


For point B, keep your brush/cotton bud at the side of your nose but angle it slightly so that it moves through the middle of your pupil (like below). This is where your arch should be and gives you an instant eye lift, which is always a bonus!


Finally, point C is where your eyebrow should end, so angle your brush/stick from the side of your nose to the edge of your eye. Ending your brow here enhances your cheekbones (take that Cara Delevigne!).


So, most people have a basic brow kit I’m sure, if your just using an ancient eyeshadow, please stop, brow products were invented for a reason! Most of my brow products are from Benefit, purely because in my opinion, Benefit are brow royalty in the beauty world, I literally couldn’t live without them!

I start with the eyebrow brush from ELF and brush my brows into shape, then outline and fill in using the Benefit instant brow pencil (mine is medium!), and you can stop there, but I find the overall finish from the pencil leaves my brows looking quite waxy so I just like to go over them using the powder from the Benefit Browzings or Brows a go-go kits (also, medium!). Finally, I use the Benefit Speed Brow if I have any stubborn little hairs that just won’t stay in place.
Oh, and my pink (of course!) hard angle eyebrow brush is from Royal and Langnickel 🙂
You can see the finished product below!


I hope this helped guys, lemme know what you think! 🙂
Love & Lipstick,
Tammy xoxo


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Hi folks! My name is Tamara and the first thing you should know about me is that im a total beauty junkie! I love make up and have a ridiculous addiction to lipstick. I'm a qualified beauty therapist, make up artist and nail technician and I'm currently putting my skills to work as an artist for Benefit! View all posts by loveandlipstick92

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